The Stars


Queenie was born on 14 July 1899 and died on 12 November 1953. Wife of Norman and mother of 9 children, she led a very busy life which continues to bring pleasure through new generations.

Her great love of photography, correspondence and documenting daily life has opened this window of opportunity to share so much with those who will cherish it.

Queenies full name was Margaretta Elizabeth Nicholas which made her initials MEN. This was something she found embarrassing and so would avoid using it, but there were times in her writings that she played on it where she believed it to be private. This may show at times in some of the articles created from her journals.

Queenie holding camera Cannington 1919
Queenie holding her camera in 1919. That camera captured many pictures that can be seen on this website.


Norman was born on 30 November 1899 and died on 27 June 1998, a lifetime almost spanning 100 years much of which was in service for the good of others, especially in his church community.

Norman had a keen interest in mechanics, physics and astronomy and would smile in wonder at the digital technology that enables this sharing today. Always taking pride in his skills he took night classes in Motor Mechanics and took up plastering after losing his position at Goode, Durrant & Co.

He was also a keen photographer and took pride in developing his own photos, as did many during that time.

Norman and Queenie with their son John 1924