Love and Life in a Pandemic
Grandpa Devenish and Family c.1920. [Standing] Walter (WWI), his best girl Grace, Herbert Jnr, Ada (best girl to:) Charlie (WWI). [Seated] Ruth (eldest child), H A Devenish & Bertha, George (wounded leg, WWI). [Centre front] Florence.

Love and Life in a Pandemic

Find out how Rose's Mother and Father, Queenie Nicholas and Norman Devenish experienced the Spanish ‘Flu pandemic.

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Queenie’s Night Time Ride

by Rose Saraswati (Queenies daughter Rose) based on a few diary entries written by “Queenie” in 1919. Queenie 1917 with bike setting off for work Mary Maude Nicholas placed her…

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News from the Back (SNEWS)

Evolution of “News from the Back” CommentaryAuthor: RoseThe first copy of the “News” we have is this ‘Second Edition’, a single page, typewritten. [Queenie is studying at Business School.]The "News" looked…

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