Daughter of Queenie and Norman, Rose experienced her mother’s great love of children and passion for photography and writing.

Rose has spent many years dedicated to working through a massive volume of family correspondence, photos and memorabilia which has made the richness of information and images on this website possible.

In 2017 Rose emailed diary extracts and old family photos to family members. The responses were very encouraging and it became apparent that we needed to open up the avenues for sharing these stories and memorabilia further afield. Not just to grandchildren and future generations to enjoy, but also those who are interested in the history of Western Australia from one family’s perspective.

Rose remembers the box Brownie camera which sat on top of the kitchen cupboard, always ready. Later the family enjoyed Norman’s (Rose’s dad) colour slides which she recounts provided great delight.

None of them could ever have imagined, in days when a computer hadn’t even been invented, that it could lead to this.

“We are so thankful that they kept these diaries, notebooks, photos and letters safe over the decades for us to enjoy now.”


Daughter of Rose and Jack, Christina  has also been captivated by the memorabilia so well kept by ancestors.

Christina investigates historical events occuring in parallel with the events recorded by ancestors and weaves it into the articles to provide a more indepth and holistic view.

In addition, Christina maintains this website.

“Being able to correlate experiences of ancestors with historical events of the time adds a new dimension, breathing life into history.”