Sharing the history of the

Devenish Family

Early settlers in Western Australia

This is the Devenish family history centered around Queenie and Norman Devenish. Queenie generously wrote many diaries and letters in her lifetime. Coupled with her love of photography and her husband, children, grandchildren and friends treasuring all the artefacts she created, bringing the stories together has been possible. If you have any information or artefacts to share, please contact us.

This website is a continual work in progress with many adventures cast over the past couple of hundred years to be brought to life yet.

News from the Back

News from the Back

The richness of information in many articles has been made possible through Queenie’s love of writing, particularly her letters, diaries and News from the Back (aka SNEWS). SNEWS was a private form of communicating between Queenie and Norman (who became her husband). Swapped in secret or perhaps placed in a hiding spot known only to them, the couple could communicate their private thoughts and lives to each other.

Meet some of the stars!

Queenie’s love of photographs and writing is largely responsible for a lot of the richness of information on this website.

Norman, enjoyed mechanics, physics and astronomy. Skilled with his hands he was able to ….